Supply of much needed PPE into the UK

Bladetec Ltd are supplying PPE (CE Certified masks, gowns, scrubs and protective overalls) into the UK.

We supply to government and the NHS, and private hospitals and organisations. Orders for 50,000 can be supplied in 7-10 days. For quantities to 1.2M the delivery time is 3 weeks. Orders over 20M will be split with the full supply landed and delivered in the UK in 6 weeks.

Delivery times currently are 10 days from order. For further information (a catalogue and full pricing details), send an e-mail to to get in touch.

Bladetec Protective Type IIR Face Mask.

Bladetec Ltd

About Us

Bladetec was formed in 2002 to employ disruptive technology to transform the business of finance (trading floors and back office systems), the military (for ultra-secure computing) and general commercial (for savings in administration and uptime).  Bladetec has been at the forefront of blade computing technology since its creation.


Bladetec is a London based consultancy with engagements around the world.  Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help your business transform digitally and unlock the power of less.

Notable customers

  • The UK Ministry of Defence
  • The UK Anti-Terrorism Task Force
  • City of London Police
  • NATO
  • The United Nations Logistical Base
  • The National Grid
  • and a number of financial institutions